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"Very Good Indeed!" - Daily Echo, Bournemouth

"Truly An Amazing Singer" - Star Sensations

"What Can I Say That Hasn't Already Been Said About This Lad Before, He's Superb!" - Anthony Bygraves

"The Balance Is Exactly Right, And At Last A Vocal Performance Where You Can Actually Hear The Melodies And Understand The Lyrics Which Gives The Performance Far More Meaning. This Is So Much Better Than The All Too Often 'Loud And Distorted' Approach Adopted By Too Many Bands.." - Phil Greenwood Music Industry Critic

"Absolutely Fantastic! Great Performer, Great Voice And Over All A Great Talent. I Think He's Better Than The Stuff You See On Britain's Got Talent, I think He'll Go Really Far" - Music Judge From Poole Borough Council

"A Real Talent And Someone That Will Have Huge Success I'm Sure, It's A Pleasure To Listen To Him - Compere At Poole Stadium

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Phantom Mystery Records

All Over the front page

Julian Barry
All Over The Front Page

Phantom Mystery Records

Friday 19th of November 2010

Record Review

By Steve (The Mag)

Julian Barry

Harking back to Soft Cell, 'All Over The Front Page' is a return to the land of synth-pop in which attractive new wave electronica can decorate lyrics with some social commentary baked in.

The sparkly keyboard sounds and smooth synths all slide over an appropriately slow beat, with the chorus sounding equally angelic and plaintive.

There is certainly nothing wrong with the song, or the slick recording. I don't know if this style is coming around again, but certainly the original couple of years didn't produce a massive amount for fans of the genre, so they might be rather pleased to have something new to get their teeth into.